mslaganga (mslaganga) wrote,

Maybe now I'm nocturnal

Happy New Year. It's almost ten p.m. and I'm finally out of bed. I'm on the couch. I started the year by sleeping through a scheduled session with my career coach. A bad sign, I'm sure. My resolutions this year are: 1)to exercise every day even if it means dancing to one song in my kitchen. 2)Saturday is art day, a day dedicated to visual art every week. I'm considering a resolution around livejournal posting every day. Okay, fine, I'll do it. 3)to make an lj post every day. I also feel that it's necessary to say that I will try not to have any affairs this year, that I will be nicer and more respectful about people's neurotic shit since it doesn't oppress me generally and they are usually doing their best and who am I to be a bitch and point out how ridiculous you are in a snarky ironic way when we both already know I'm as sick and weird as you are, that I will finally make green smoothies for Billy like I've promised for months, that I will not abuse premsyn or midol, that I will clean my house and get rid of stuff I don't ever wear or use, that I will find a way to earn money regularly and not quit after six weeks because Billy tells me to stop crying and that I don't have to go back to that horrible place where they make me work. I will not start any craft based businesses. I will not make a zine. I will not be in a band. I will not go to any poetry slams ever again even if it is an invitational event with lots of old friends where I do not compete but still have to sit around for three hours listening to awful poetry get squeezed through earnest yet unconvincing young bodies that don't have good mic technique while I wait for my three minute spot. No. Not ever again. I will not enroll in any program that has the words, "investigation" "powerful" "empowered" "spiritual" "sensual" or "soul-based" in the title. I will not diet. I will not ever go on a diet ever again. I think that's everything for this year. Except that I've decided to be a professional monologuist like Spalding Gray or Eve Ensler but with better hair although I am working some blunt bangs at the moment.
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